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Dear Mayor…….

Dhaka North and South city corporation elections are due tomorrow. While candidates are busy banging doors and asking for your precious votes, the real issues are not talked about.

Dhaka is the sixth-largest and sixth-most densely populated city in the world, with a population of 20.2 million people in the Greater Dhaka Area. It is the economic, political and cultural hub of Bangladesh. There are so many problems, for which we are yet to find solutions. We have seen economic and infrastructural development but the standard of living remains the same. Many promises were made and election manifestos were announced earlier. But how much of it was fulfilled and how much of it worked?  Dhaka is still considered to be among the least liveable cities in the world with Damascus and Lagos being on the top, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

So, who is to blame for all of our problems? The government, the mayor, or the representatives we choose for ourselves? We all are responsible, more or less. We all should be responsible and should contribute to the development of the city. Rather than blaming each other, the more important thing is that we act accordingly. The first step is to choose your representative correctly and wisely.

The problem with politics in Bangladesh is that it became more like religion and not a choice. For many of the youth political beliefs are imposed. The political parties are becoming more like religion. People representing the parties are Godlike and the ideology they follow is like religious scriptures. People vote based on the party they support keeping aside the agenda. Most of us select our representatives based on the party they are nominated from rather than the work they do and their commitment as a leader. There are many issues that need to be addressed immediately. so as we elect our mayor and councilor, let us look at the problems they are trying to solve for us and give our valuable votes.

Traffic congestion

City traffic has always been a problem for Dhaka. Not only it is affecting our daily lives but also affecting the economy of our country. One of the main reasons for foreign investors to look away from Bangladesh is its traffic problem. Due to the unplanned roads and huge population,  it is becoming hectic day by day to deal with. A better approach to our traffic problem should be put in motion with immediate effect. Citizens should be more educated and aware of traffic rules.

Safety for all

Dhaka is a city full of crime. There is a considerable risk for people living in Dhaka. Though it is being dealt with all seriousness still the crime factor is not decreasing. Financial scams, vehicle thefts, and petty drug crimes comprise the majority of criminal activity in Dhaka. Homicides, sexual assaults, robberies, and residential break-ins occur with regular frequency. Women’s safety is a huge concern. With the rising number of sexual harassment cases in the city, it is becoming more terrifying day by day.

Air and noise pollution

Dhaka is among the most polluted cities. Air pollution is alarming and is not getting better. The smogs from brick kilns, smoke from unfit vehicles and dust generated from public and private construction sites are the main source of air pollution. Not only it is causing health problems but also having a big impact on climate change. And if air pollution is not enough to make you sick, the loud noise of honking and political rallies will surely give you a headache. Noise pollution has become a bane in Bangladeshi urban life. It is a significant problem for people living in Dhaka city and has become a part of their life. The main causes of noise pollution include loud music during social, political, and religious programs, construction work, and factory noise. Strong law should be implemented and more initiatives should be taken in that regard.


Dhaka is one of the most polluted cities in the world. The city, where filled with garbage, not only leads to the deterioration of the atmosphere but also unpleasant sights. Cleanliness needs to be promoted, and actions must be taken accordingly. Stronger steps need to be taken now for a better and more thoroughly clean Dhaka city.

These are some of the basics needed for a liveable Dhaka city. We should walk toward a better Dhaka together and help our elected representatives to turn this city into an actual megacity.

So dear mayor, it is our humble request that you look into these crucial problems and try fixing it for good.

Written by Daccanomics

Daccanomics is an independent news media company. It is founded with one purpose only – to give the much-needed and sought-after knowledge to help our readers.

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