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40 Tree Tattoo Ideas | Nature Inspired Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are fascinating because there is always an untold story behind every tattoo. It is the only fashion accessory that leaves a permanent mark on you.

If you never got yourself a tattoo, you might wonder what motivates people to go through all the trouble and physical pain just to get a permanent marking on their skin. In reality, a tattoo is more than just a symbol. It is an expression of self.

People often choose tattoos that are not just visually tasteful but empowering. Some tattoos might look similar but each tattoo has a different meaning to it.

Tattooing is an ancient practice. In many cultures, tattoos are considered sacred and a tribute to a higher power. You can ink almost anything on your body. There are various tattoo designs that can complement your sartorial style.

One of the most popular tattoo designs is the tree tattoo. It is an intricate tattoo design that has garnered a lot of attention these days. It is well-understandable why someone might choose to ink a tree tattoo as trees are a symbol of longevity and endurance.

Trees provide us with oxygen which is essential for all living things on earth. It also gives life to the world’s wildlife.

There are many different species of trees, each with its unique symbolism. For example, the tree of life is associated with eternity and wisdom, while the Joshua plant is linked to resilience.

There are also a lot of biblical references about the “tree of life”.

A tree tattoo can represent something valuable or worth preserving. The tree tattoo is also a symbol of enlightenment. If you are a tattoo veteran looking for new tattoo ideas, a tree tattoo could be the perfect piece for you.

1. Tree of Life

black tree of life tattoo on the armtree of life tattoo design on legtree of life tattoo ideas for armtree of life tattoo on back

Tree of life is probably one of the most intricate pieces of tattoo that have a very esoteric meaning. The tree of life tattoo can be a subtle representation of our personal growth, uniqueness, and individual beauty. The tree of life is often associated with knowledge and wisdom. According to biblical references the tree of life represents the link between heaven and earth.

Just like the tree, as humans, we grow and mature over time as we gain new experiences and strive for greater knowledge. Someone who contemplates the meaning of life will probably love this piece of art. This tattoo requires enough space for details. There are various renditions of the tree of life tattoo.

2. Palm Tree Tattoo

easy palm tree tattoo design for armsimple palm tree tattoo design for neckpalm tree tattoo idea for anklelarge palm tree tattoo design

A plan tree tattoo can give off a relaxed vibe. If you are someone who enjoys exotic holidays and the Caribbean winds you will probably like the palm tree tattoo design. You can showcase your beachside personality anywhere on the move. The palm tree tattoo also represents the relaxed mind of a lone traveler who is going through a spiritual journey.

If you love a tropical climate you will probably associate with this tattoo more. The palm tree also has a religious sentiment to it as it has been mentioned in the bible. Whatever the reason maybe if you are looking for something that is close to nature this could be your next tattoo.

3. Family Tree Tattoo

family tree tattoos on back with namesfamily tree tattoo on backfamily tree tattoo ideas for arm with namesbig family tree tattoo design for arm

Our love for our family is something we want to hold close to our hearts. The family tree tattoo is for people who want to showcase their love for their family.  It is a beautiful way to honor your nearest and dearest, both alive and deceased. We use the family tree tattoo to symbolize the growth of the family. It is a representation of close bonds and endurance.

We often use the term ‘family tree’ in relation to our ancestry. A family goes through a lot in life together. The tree signifies the strong bond between generations and the connection we have with them.

4. Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

beautiful sakura Cherry Blossom Tattoo colorful tattoo designcolorful Cherry Blossom Tattoo ideasCherry Blossom Tattoo design sakuraCherry Blossom Tattoo design

The cherry blossom tree tattoo is a symbol of renewal and the ephemeral nature of life. If you love the ambient vibe and appreciate the natural beauty around you, a cherry blossom tree tattoo can be the perfect one to ink. The cherry blossom tree is a cultural symbol in Japan. It is deeply rooted in their tradition.

The cherry tree blooms over a short period of two weeks and is celebrated with blooming parties. In Japan, the ritual of viewing Cherry Blossoms dates back to the 700s. Japanese people sit under the blossoms to enjoy great company and appreciate the surroundings covered in pink and white. The pink flowers mixed with the subtlety of white make it one of the most eye-catching plants.

If you want something vibrant and yet peaceful you will probably like the cherry blossom tree tattoo.

5. Pine Tree Tattoo

black pine tree tattoo ideas designsimple pine tree tattoo designslarge pine tree tattoo design for meneasy pine tree tattoo ideas

Pine trees are probably one of the most easily recognizable plants. It is much more than just the Christmas tree. A pine tree tattoo is a representation of wisdom and endurance as these trees can live for many years in a rough climate.

In some other cultures, a pine tree is associated with fertility and life. Some people consider the pine tree as a symbol of peace. For centuries, these trees have been part of different cultures and folklore.  

Because of the rich symbolism and subtle subtext, the pine tree can be a great choice for a tattoo.

6. Celtic Tree of Life Tattoo

black ink Celtic Tree of Life Tattoosyin yang small simple celtic tree of life arm tattooseasy minimal Celtic Tree of Life Tattoo ideasCeltic Tree of Life Tattoo designs

The Celtic tree of life is a modern rendition of the tree of life tattoo. It is the usual design with additional elements around it to add more context to the tattoo. It is an important symbol in Celtic culture as it can be found in many of their artwork. The Celtic tree of life represents peace and balance in nature. You do not need to be of Irish descent to get this tattoo. 

If you value ancient culture and are fascinated by symbology the Celtic tree of life tattoo can be appealing to you. This tattoo has gained a lot of attention in recent times and can be seen sported by many celebrities.

7. Willow Tree Tattoo

Willow Tree Tattoo Design Idea Inner side of bodyWillow Tree Tattoo Design Idea for backSmall Willow Tree Nature Temporary Tattoo Design Idea Inner Arm 1000xSmall Willow Tree Nature Tattoo Design IdeaSmall minimal Willow Tree Nature Tattoo Design Idea for armcolor willow tree tattoo ideas designs for women girls

The willow tree tattoo is often associated with grief and the passing away of a loved one. The willow tree is often referred to as the weeping willow as it resembles tears when it rains. This tree is one of the most well-known plants that are easily recognizable. The willow tree gives off a dark vibe because it feels like there is more than what you see.

A hidden pain that can only be felt by few individuals who have gone through an emotional trance. You can get a willow tree tattoo if you want to commemorate someone close to you who recently passed away. To make it more personal you can add a name to your tattoo.

8. Oak Tree Tattoo

lower back oak tree tattoo designssimple easy oak tree tattoo designs ideasoak tree tattoosoak tree tattoo ideas design

The oak tree is one of the most symbolic plants that has been represented in various cultures and myths. It’s a symbol of strength, morale, endurance, and knowledge. The oak is considered a cosmic storehouse of wisdom embodied in its towering strength. Celtic druids used to believe that catching a falling oak leaf might bring prosperity to their life. The oak tree tattoo is used to describe a person who has the greater gift of knowledge and is growing slowly towards enlightenment.

9. Dead Tree Tattoo

dead tree tattoo designs ideas for armdead tree tattoo designs

Trees are mostly associated with life and knowledge but a dead tree can carry a much heavier tone. The dead tree tattoo reflects a somber expression that is associated with sadness and loss. Sometimes the dead tree tattoo can be a subtle representation of loneliness and solitude. Someone who has tasted failures or going through personal turmoil will be able to relate to the ink’s symbolism. You can add other elements to the dead tree tattoo to create individuality and give it a more meaningful symbol.

10. Aspen Tree Tattoo

minimal aspen tree tattoo designs ideasminimal easy aspen tree tattoo for backsimple aspen tree tattoo for armsimple easy aspen tree tattoo design

The legends of the Aspen tree comes from Greek mythology, where it is believed to be discovered by the daughter of Zeus. Aspen trees have been featured heavily in ancient literature, and it has a mysterious element to it.

The name of this tree is derived from the Greek word “Aspis” which meant shield. Ancient people used to believe that the Aspen tree could allow anyone to enter the realm of the mystic.  The way this plant moves in the wind is quite remarkable. It feels like the trees are dancing with the rhythm of the wind.

The Aspen tree tattoo is often associated with protection and the ability to overcome self-doubt. It provokes the adventurer in you and helps you get rid of the mental shackle.

The powerful symbolism makes it an appealing design for people who have struggled in life but are destined to overcome any difficult situation.

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