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Bangladesh Government Decides To Cancel All Flights From Europe Except UK

The government of Bangladesh has decided to suspend passenger flights from all European countries except the UK. 

At the same time, all on-arrival visa facilities in Bangladesh have been suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Foreign Minister said at a press briefing tonight that the visa facility will remain suspended until March 7.

 Meanwhile, a total of 142 Bangladeshis, returned from Italy. They are being quarantined at Ashkona Hajj Camp in Dhaka. 

The death toll from coronavirus or Covid-19 reached 5,436 globally as of Saturday. Besides, 145,810 new cases were reported from around the world, according to worldometer.

Of them, 67,843 are currently infected while 72,531 patients have recovered.

The World Health Organization, WHO has issued Red alert and has officially declared the COVID-19 Virus as a pandemic. 


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