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Trendy Beard Styles For Black Men in 2023

There are a lot of beard styles for black men to try on. Beard is an essential part of everyday styling. Thus it is important to groom your beard properly and make sure it looks fab with your attire. Not everyone has the luxury to grow a beard. Some find it hard to maintain and for some it is genetics. Some men can’t seem to grow facial hair due to low testosterone. So if you sport a beard, make sure you do it right.

There is a lot of options when it comes to styling beard. But not every beard style is suitable for you. Especially if you are a black man, you have a lot of options. Although there are a lot of options to choose from, some beard styles just suit black guys better than others.  You must choose the right beard style that compliments your face and enhance your looks.

If you are looking for some trendy beard styles for black men, we have compiled this catalog just for your beard inspiration. Good luck growing facial hair!

Full Beard

The full beard is one of the most trendy beard styles for black men. People often tend to avoid full beard because of all the hassle. But the full beard is actually a very low maintenance beard style that is suitable for every face shape. Especially if you are a black dude with a long beard, the full beard can be a great styling option.

This classic beard style is suitable for any occasion and creates a much mature look. Also, it gives your face a nice contrast and a more impressionable look with very little maintenance. Furthermore, this beard style complements most haircuts for men. All you have to do is have patience and let your beard grow. Once you grow a full beard, slightly trim it to get an edgier look and visible jawline.

trendy beard styles for black menblack men beard styles

Stubble Beard

The stubble is another classic formal beard style for men. This is the most popular beard style among men of all races and ethnicities. Because of the minimal style, most people love the stubble. Also, this is very easy to maintain as the beard is trimmed very short. This is a very clean and edgy beard style. The stubble gives more exposure to your face and adds contrast by defining your cheekbones and jawlines. This is the proper beard style for the urban gentlemen.

black men stubble beard stylesstubble beard style for black men

Van Dyke Beard

The ‘Van Dyke’ is another sassy beard style that is still in fashion. This is a simple cheeky beard style that features a goatee along with a pointy mustache. There are a lot of ways to style a Van Dyke. This contemporary beard style is very classy and posh. This is considered one of the hottest beard styles for black men. It looks great on everyone especially those with small hair.

black men van dyke beard stylesvan dyke beard styles for black men

Goatee Beard

The goatee is one of the most popular beard styles for men of all races and ethnicities. This beard style has been around for decades if not centuries. The goatee is much more popular among men of color. This is a very posh beard style for men who wants to look sleek and confident. This beard style features a trimmed beard on your chin and light mustache which gives your face more contrast and draws attention to your cheekbones and jawlines. This beard style has gained a lot of significance because of the minimalist approach to fashion.

black men beard styleblack men goatee beard styles

Short Beard

If you want a dapper beard style that goes with everything, try out the short beard. This is a simple yet elegant beard style for black men. The short beard is similar to the full beard except for the length. It is much shorter and gives a more polished look. This is a much easy-going formal style for men. The shorter beard can be utterly stylish if done properly. There are a lot of trendy short beard styles to choose from.

Black Men short Beard Stylesshort beard style for black men

Ducktail Beard

The ducktail is another interesting beard that has recently gained a lot of popularity and is likely to stay in fashion for a long time. This beard style gives a professional look, while also being extremely sassy. Although this beard style might not suit everyone, black men can rock this well-groomed sophisticated beard style easily. If you are wearing a ducktail make sure to complement your beard with a nice clean haircut.

duck tail beard styles for black menblack man beard styles duck tail

Verdi Beard

If you are looking for a full beard with a little more styling option, you must try the Verdi beard. It is another cool casual beard style that is very well detailed and groomed. Not everyone can pull off a Verdi beard. It is a great look for men who like the bold sophisticated look. This beard style is very eye-catching. Especially if you are a black gentleman wearing a Verdi, all eyes will be on you. This is a very trendy beard style for black men.

black man beard stylesverdi beard styles for black men

Hipster Beard

If you love to have a long beard with little to care about, the hipster beard could be perfect for you. The hipster beard is an impeccably well-groomed beard style, with a laid back attitude. This beard style is highly flattering and ideal for most men. Especially if you are a black man who likes to jazz it up, this beard can give off the perfect vibes. The hipster beard is meant to be a bit messy. So you won’t have to worry about maintaining your beard for hours.

black men hipster beard styleshipster beard styles for black men

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