Best Hairstyles For Men With Beards
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30 Best Men’s Hairstyles With Beards | Popular Haircuts 2023

Beard is not just entitled to No-Shave November. Most men like to take care of their precious hair. What they don’t realize that it is equally important to take good care of the hair growing on your face. Growing facial hair is not easy. It takes time and effort to grow a full beard. Not everyone has the luxury to grow a nice beard. So if you do have the chance to flaunt your beard, make sure you do that in style.

Does Beard Make You Look Attractive

Growing facial hair can add more definition to your face. Not only beard makes you look more attractive to women, but it also makes you more presentable. Most women dig the bearded look. A recent study shows that women love the bearded look. They think of men with a beard more, assertive, and dominant. Also, facial hair is a sign of good genes. Having facial hair can change the way people perceive you.

If you are thinking about growing your beard, the first thing you need to do is just lose your razor. The only way you can grow a sassy beard or a manly stubble is by leaving your facial hair alone for a month or two. There is a certain itch for shaving or trimming the beard. If you can avoid that part you won’t need step two.

Beard Style With Haircut

However, it is important to have a hairstyle that complements your beard. Having the perfect combination of hairstyles and beards can give you a dapper look. A perfect hairstyle with a beard can have a great impact on your personality. Most importantly these hairstyles for men with beards can make you stand out among the crowd.

Before you make an appointment with your barber for a haircut, there are certain things you need to consider before choosing the right hairstyles with beards. People often confuse beards and hairstyles to be a mix-and-match. Just because you have a long beard doesn’t mean you need to have longer hair. It all depends on your facial structure and your beard growing capability.

There are many awesome hairstyles you can wear your beard with. Whether you are opting for light stubble or a long beard, there are some great hairstyles to complement your beard. To help you narrow down, here we have listed the best hairstyles for men with beards.

Slicked Back With Medium Stubble

If you are looking to be the center of attention, the slicked back is a great hairstyle for men with beards. The slicked back hairstyle has been widely popular because of its clean look and its simplicity. This hairstyle almost suits everything. Especially if you have medium stubble or a long beard this hairstyle can be the perfect casual look for you. You can also try keeping a light stubble if you want a more professional look. This is one of the best hairstyles for men with beards.

slicked back hairstyle for men with beardslick back hairstyle for men with beard

Afro With Short Stubble

Curly hair can sometimes be hard to manage. Especially for men with longer locks, curly hair can be very unruly and a total mess. So over the years, men with curly hair preferred the short hairstyles involving curls. Therefore, afro has become the most popular hairstyle among men with curly hair. This minimalist hairstyle can be both casual and formal depending on your overall looks. Afro works best with a beard if you want to get that bold look. Also, this hairstyle is very low maintenance and easy to style with different beard types.

afro hairstyle for men with beardafro haircuts for men with beard

Half Up Hairstyle With Beard

The half-up hairstyle is bewitchingly charming and is a great haircut to complement any beard type. This is one of the most magnetic hairstyles for men with beards. If you are an avid fan of long locks and want to try something sassy, this can be your next haircut. Although this hairstyle is considered a party casual look, you can always try an eye-catching formal outlook.

half up hairstyles for men with beardshalf up hairstyle for men with long beard

Bro Flow With Beard

If you want a contemporary hairstyle for men with beards, it is time for you to try the brow flow. This haircut features eye-catching long locks that are very stylish and effortless. This is an ideal look for any formal event. Although this long wavy hairstyle is very charmingly attractive, you can complement it with a medium stubble or short beard to get that raw masculine look.

bro flow hairstyle for men with beardbro flow hairstyles for men with beards

Man Bun With Beard

The man bun is a very interesting hairstyle that has been in fashion since the early ’90s. This popular hairstyle is still very relevant in the fashion industry and has recently embraced by many celebrities. This hipster hairstyle is a sexy approach to long hair and looks great with a beard. The beard adds a nice contrast to the face and complements the long locks. This is quite similar to top know but with a much laid back style. This is one of the most popular hairstyles for men that is simple yet appealing.

man bun hairstyles for men with beardsman bun haircuts formen with beards

Drop Fade With Beard

The drop fade has been on trend for quite some time and is undeniably one of the sexiest hairstyles for men with beards. If you prefer short hair and an impressionable face the drop fade makes an excellent option. This is a classic haircut for men that goes with almost every style. Especially this hairstyle looks great with a beard. It gives the face a much more contrast and complements your drop fade haircut.

drop fade haircuts for men with beardsdrop fade hairstyles for men with beards

Shaggy Hairstyle With Verdi Beard

The shaggy haircut is a great hairstyle to give off a carefree vibe. This bold hairstyle is a no brainer for men with longer strands and curly hair. If you have naturally thick hair with long strands this hairstyle can be the perfect look for you. Paring up this messy hairstyle with a beard can be the epitome of men’s fashion.

shaggy hairstyle for men with beardsshag hairstyle for men with beards

Quiff With Stubble

The quiff is a very posh hairstyle that has been in fashion for quite sometimes. This hairstyle has gained a lot of popularity among men who like the sophisticated urban look. A quiff can be a little hard to pull off because of all the styling involved but if done properly this can be an utterly stylish hairstyle for men. The best way to wear a quiff is by pairing it up with a long stubble or a short beard. It will give your face more contrast and complement the hairstyle.

quiff haircuts for men with stubble beardquiff hairstyles for men with beards

Pompadour With Beard

Pompadour is a hairstyle for urban gentlemen. This hairstyle is both classic and contemporary. The pompadour is a classy hairstyle for men which is very impactful and vivid. The slightly shorter hair on the bottom gives a nice contrast while the slicked-back top provides more volume. This hairstyle has been in fashion for decades if not centuries. You can complement your hairstyle with light stubble or a long beard. Pompadour is considered one of the most popular hairstyles for men with beards.

pompadour hairstyles for men with beardspompadour haircuts for men with beards

French Crop With Beard

The French crop is a contemporary hairstyle for men that has been getting a lot of attention this decade. This is a very easygoing casual hairstyle that looks good with everything. Pairing up the french crop with a beard can create a much more mature and relaxed look. It works especially well when you have stubble as it gives your face more contrast and gives off an edgy vibe.

french crop haircuts for men with beardsfrench crop haircut with beard

Short Haircuts For Men With Beard

Short haircuts for men are often considered the most formal look. But paring it up with a beard can give you the utmost sassiest look.

hugh jackman beard style short haircuts for men with beardtom hardy beard style short haircuts for men with beardscharlie humman beard style short haircuts with beardchris hemsworth beard style

Medium Haircuts For Men With Beard

medium haircut for men with beardsmedium hairstyle for men with beardmedium hairstyles for men with beardsmedium haircuts for men with beards

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