high da image sharing sites list for do follow backlinks
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+67 Free High DA Image Sharing Sites List For Do Follow Backlinks

Backlinks are the most important part of off-page SEO. Getting high authority backlinks from high DA sites can boost your website ranking and help you get free traffic.

But getting quality backlinks from sites with high domain authority is the most difficult part of off-page SEO.

Most SEOs often focus on guest posting to build backlinks. Yes, it is a great way to build quality backlinks for your website but it is also very time-consuming.

What if you can build quality do-follow backlinks from high DA sites without wasting your time?

The easiest way to get free do-follow backlinks from high DA sites is by sharing images on image submission sites.

There are several high DA image sharing sites that allow people to share their images. This is a great way to increase the visibility of your website, increase traffic, and get free backlinks.

How Images Can Be Effective For Building Backlinks

A picture is worth a thousand words

Human minds are very complex. Yet, it always tries to avoid complicated stuff. People like to look at images and infographics to understand a topic better.

In this era of digital marketing, many SEOs are becoming dependable on images and infographics to build backlinks.

Photos, memes, graphics, and infographics can attract high-quality natural backlinks.

Instead of wasting days creating a guest post, people are simply using images on their webpages to attract backlinks.

This is the easiest way to acquire backlinks. Especially because there are several high domain authority websites that allow sharing images and offer free backlinks.

Unlike text, images are embeddable which means it is very easy for people to share or embed images in their websites. And when they do, they usually link back to the source.

Using the right images for SEO is very important. Not every image will generate backlinks.

Before you submit images on these image submission sites you need to know which images will get high traffic and liked by users.

There are a few types of images that generate quality backlinks & traffic –

  • Infographics
  • Photos
  • Maps
  • Illustrations
  • Wallpapers
  • Graphs
  • Product photos

People prefer images over text to understand the content. Images are easy to understand and can be easily shared. The click-through rate (CTR) of a site can increase if a website has attractive images.

High DA Image Sharing Sites

high da image sharing sites for do follow backlinks

Backlinks from high domain authority (DA) sites can be a game-changer. You can increase your website’s domain authority and get more exposure just by sharing photos on image sharing sites.

Backlinks from those image sharing sites increase your SERP ranking and help you get free organic traffic to your site.

Sharing images on these sites can help you build a clean and powerful backlink profile with very little effort.

Most of these image sharing sites offers do-follow backlink when you post an image.

Backlinks are one of the most important search engine ranking factor.

So if you want to increase your domain authority and get free backlinks you need to submit your Image on Image submission sites.

Apart from backlinks, you can also get you can get tons of traffic through Google image search results.

Image sharing sites are a great source of referral traffic as people interact more with those sites. Unlike other text-based sites, image sharing sites are more user friendly and attractive.

Traffic coming from those sites is very consistent and free of cost.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on advertising, you can simply submit images on those sites to generate free traffic and get free backlinks.

Factors For Image Sharing Sites

There are several sites that accept guest posts or image submissions. But not all of them hold a strong backlink profile.

Before submitting your site on an image sharing website make sure to check if that website meets the following criteria.

  • Check if the website has a high domain authority (DA)
  • Website Alexa global ranking
  • Backlink Type
  • Daily estimated traffic
  • Daily estimated pageview
  • Page authority
  • Domain rating

As a publisher, you also need to make sure your content matches the search intent and your images match the criteria of a website. Be sure to:

  • Not submit copyright images
  • Use images that match your content topic
  • Add related tags to your image
  • Submit in the right category
  • Use Alt Tag

Top 5 Image Sharing Sites In 2021

best image sharing sites for seo in 2021Here we curated a list of Top 10 best free image sharing sites that will help you to increase your traffic. All these sites have a very high domain authority and a strong backlink profile.

1. Pinterest

pinterest image sharing websites list for do follow backlinks

Pinterest is the biggest image aggregator with millions of images shared on this platform. It is an image sharing and hosting platform where people can collaborate on projects and create boards to pin images for inspiration.

You can create boards about anything and save images on those boards. You can create a private board or share it with everyone. Managing Pinterest boards is very easy and sharing images is much easier.

  • Domain Authority: 100
  • Backlink Type: Do-Follow
  • Alexa Global Ranking: 141
  • Daily Estimated Traffic: 1,281,191
  • Daily Unique Page View: 7,253,803

2. Instagram

instagram image sharing sites do follow backlinks

Instagram is a social media application specially designed to share images. It is very similar to Facebook or Twitter. People who create an Instagram account have a profile and a newsfeed.

You can share photos or videos on your Instagram account and it will be displayed on your profile.

Other Instagram users who follow your account will be able to see your post on their newsfeed. Also, you will see posts from people you follow on Instagram.

Instagram users also have the option to keep their profiles private. This way they can show their images and videos to people they like.

Instagram is among one of the biggest image sharing platform where millions of photos are shared on a daily basis.

Unlike Pinterest, images that are shared on Instagram are a bit personal. People share their own images and videos. Many businesses even showcase their products on Instagram.

  • Domain Authority: 99
  • Backlink Type: No-Follow
  • Alexa Global Ranking: 24
  • Daily Estimated Traffic: 4,392,121
  • Daily Unique Page View: 43,093,744

3. Flickr

flickr image submission sites list for do follow backlinks seo

Flickr is a photo sharing and image hosting service. After its massive popularity, Yahoo acquired Flickr in 2005. Flickr remains one of the favorite photo-sharing platforms in the photographic community.

This platform is basically used by photographers and bloggers. It is very easy to post and then embed photos from Flickr.

Flickr became widely popular among photographers because the site does not alter images and people can retain the original resolution of their photos.

Unlike other photo sharing apps, Flickr doesn’t compress your photo.

With Flickr, you can easily share photos publicly or privately with other users. Flickr users also have the option to tag, like, or share images.

  • Domain Authority: 99
  • Backlink Type: Do-Follow
  • Alexa Global Ranking: 898
  • Daily Estimated Traffic:176,014
  • Daily Unique Page View:1,119,223

4. Imgur

photo submission sites list for seo do follow backlinks

Imgur is an image hosting and sharing site widely popular for the quirky images, humorous photos, and memes. It is a very easy to use and flexible image sharing site. Users can post still or gif images and other users can vote and comment on their submissions.

Many news sites use Imgur to embed photos and reach out to a broad audience. Imgur is a free to use image sharing platform that hosts various image formats.

Images on Imgur is automatically deleted if a user is inactive for over 6 months. People can share Images on Imgur on various different platforms through short links.

Imgur doesn’t compress an image unless a user wants to alter the image.

  • Domain Authority: 97
  • Backlink Type: Do-Follow
  • Alexa Global Ranking: 174
  • Daily Estimated Traffic: 2,129,181
  • Daily Unique Page View: 5,719,713

5. DeviantArt

image sharing websites list

DeviantArt is a free platform for artists and art lovers to showcase their digital art.

Any artist (even the amateur ones) can post their digital artwork and let other people leave comments, reviews, or hit the favorite button on their artworks.

DeviantArt is a great place to start as a beginner level artist. People can showcase their art and interact with other aspiring artists like themselves.

The best part about DeviantArt is that artists can offer and accept art commissions from other users via the website. It is more like a community of creative people sharing their ideas and creations.

  • Domain Authority: 99
  • Backlink Type: Do-Follow
  • Alexa Global Ranking: 465
  • Daily Estimated Traffic: 424,654
  • Daily Unique Page View:2,172,015

Image Sharing Sites List

Image sharing sites are not only used for sharing images but these sites are also used for building backlinks.

Most image sharing sites have high domain authority (DA). So backlinks from these image submission sites are quite powerful.

Some of these image submission sites do not even require registration. You can post images for free on those image submission sites.

Also, these sites have high traffic volume. So you can get a lot of referral traffic from these sites.

Here is a list of image sharing sites –

Sr.No High DA Image Sharing Sites Domain Authority (DA) Backlink Type
1 www.facebook.com 100 Do-Follow
2 www.flickr.com 99 Do-Follow
3 www.deviantart.com 99 Do-Follow
4 www.dreamstime.com 87 Do-Follow
5 www.500px.com 90 Do-Follow
6 www.dashburst.com 62 Do-Follow
7 www.myphoto.eu 33 Do-Follow
8 www.fanpop.com 72 Do-Follow
9 www.dropshots.com 87 Do-Follow
10 www.fotki.com 63 Do-Follow
11 www.fotothing.com 75 Do-Follow
12 www.fotolog.com 65 Do-Follow
13 www.imageevent.com 46 Do-Follow
14 www.imagebam.com 43 Do-Follow
15 www.charmboard.com 62 Do-Follow
16 www.imageshack.com 57 Do-Follow
17 www.imagefra.me 33 Do-Follow
18 www.imagehousing.com 41 Do-Follow
19 www.imgbb.com 41 Do-Follow
20 www.instagram.com 99 Do-Follow
21 www.imgur.com 97 Do-Follow
22 www.imgfave.com 67 Do-Follow
23 www.indulgy.com 62 Do-Follow
24 www.mediafire.com 78 Do-Follow
25 www.ipernity.com 64 Do-Follow
26 www.lookbook.nu 68 Do-Follow
27 www.juxtapost.com 43 Do-Follow
28 www.list.ly 37 Do-Follow
29 www.photobucket.com 65 Do-Follow
30 www.mobypicture.com 34 Do-Follow
31 www.photo.net 61 Do-Follow
32 www.photos.google.com 88 Do-Follow
33 www.pixabay.com 94 Do-Follow
34 www.picturetrail.com 86 Do-Follow
35 www.pinterest.com 100 Do-Follow
36 www.pixlr.com 76 Do-Follow
37 www.dayviews.com 73 Do-Follow
38 www.postimages.org 72 Do-Follow
39 www.fotki.com 63 Do-Follow
40 www.seenit.in 57 Do-Follow
41 www.shutterfly.com 59 Do-Follow
42 www.tinypic.com 59 Do-Follow
43 www.slickpic.com 51 Do-Follow
44 www.mix.com 72 Do-Follow
45 www.snapfish.com 65 Do-Follow
46 www.turboimagehost.com 42 Do-Follow
47 www.use.com 62 Do-Follow
48 www.twitter.com 97 Do-Follow
49 www.wanelo.com 71 Do-Follow
50 www.unitymix.com 64 Do-Follow
51 www.weheartit.com 35 Do-Follow
52 www.winkflash.com 41 Do-Follow
53 www.zerochan.net 51 Do-Follow
54 www.flipboard.com 87 Do-Follow
55 www.behance.net 82 Do-Follow
56 www.yogile.com 37 Do-Follow
57 www.yarabook.com 33 Do-Follow
58 www.daccanomics.com 62 Do-Follow
59 www.unitymix.com 65 Do-Follow

Written by Fahim Ahmed

I am an experienced SEO specialist and digital marketer with a passion for staying on top of the latest industry trends and technologies. With over 5 years of experience in the field, I have a proven track record of success in implementing effective SEO strategies that increase website visibility, drive traffic, and boost conversions.

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