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‘On a killing spree’ – Cold blooded serial killer arrested in Bangladesh

As the light turns to dark and shadow starts to leave, here walks a serial killer on a killing spree.

You must have heard about The Zodiac Killer, Ted Bundy, or Jack the Ripper or maybe watched the American crime thriller television series Mindhunter on Netflix. But did you know about Babu Sheikh? 

Serial killers as the title suggests are people who are accused of multiple murders. These serial killers live among us and they are no different than us. Spooky right? But it’s much more frightening once you get to know about Babu sheikh.   The cold-blooded serial killer along with his team members killed at least 11 people and surprisingly they are all women. Babu sheikh along with his group gets in the disguise of fishermen in search of his target. Before going for the hunt they do their everyday background check on their victim. They get in with their bloodlust and rape the victim and leave them dead. Not only they kill the victim but loot their houses.

Babu sheikh, a local of Harishpur, Naogaon was previously beaten and exiled from his village due to his involvement in theft and burglary. After that, he got involved in various crimes which led to serial killing. Police got the lead after they did an investigation on the dual murder of Lalpur and Bagatipara. They found some similarities between the murders and the distance between the spots of killing was around one kilometer. Rubel Ali, 22, was arrested in connection with the killings,” SP Liton Kumar Saha said at the briefing.

“Following Rubel’s statement, police on October 16 arrested Liton Khan, 30, who was the buyer of the looted gold ornaments. Rubel and Liton confessed to the court about Babu’s involvement in these murders under Section 164.

Police arrested the alleged serial killer in Natore on Saturday.

“Babu Sheikh confessed to killing eight women including a girl. In almost all the cases he and his associates raped the victims and looted valuables,” AKM Hafiz Akhtar, deputy inspector general of police in Rajshahi, told a press briefing at the office of Natore superintendent of police (SP) on Sunday.

Babu Sheikh gave his confessional statement to the court under Section 164 on Sunday afternoon, said Akramul Hossain, additional SP (Crime and Admin) in Natore. The police stated that he could be a psychopath because of his killing style. The murders were well-decisive and executed.

What makes the psych of the male serial killer? An immediate and rather conspicuous answer is that the culprit is a psychopath. A psychopath by definition is someone who cannot conform to the rules of society and lacks the ability to feel empathy toward others.

However, unlike the common perceptions, all psychopaths are not serial killers. Neither the term `psychopath` is a rigid one. There are people with traits of psychopathy among the commoners, and only a few show extremely deviant characteristics.

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