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27 Utterly Stylish Curly Haircuts For Men

Over the years curly hair has got very little interest in it. Especially for men with curls, it can be a nightmare sometimes to manage hair. It takes a lot of time and struggles to manage curly hair. Even after that, your curls can get messy very easily, and feels like you are wearing a wig.

Yes, managing your curls can be difficult. Some might even think it is best to shave their head off instead of trying to deal with curls. Some people also think that curly hair is not suitable for certain face shapes.

Let’s break down those stigmas around curls and give you a different perspective on curly hair. Curly hair is a good sign of a healthy scalp. Very few people with curls go bald. If you have a head full of thick hair chances are you won’t go bald anytime soon. Also, girls dig the curly looks. They find it very attractive as it represents good genes.

Having curly hair have its own challenges but there are also some advantages to it. It is not common for men to have curls. Very few men have curly wavy hair. Your curls can help you stand out among the crowds of straight-haired people. It makes you distinctive from the mediocre ones.

Here we have narrowed down all the stylish looks involving curls that you will love! These hairstyles will be comparatively easy to maintain and give you the perfect edgy looks that suit you.

Short Curly Hairstyles For Men

If you want to skip all the hassle of curly hair and still want to look dapper, you might want to try out these short curly hairstyles for men. If styled properly, short curly hair can be one of the sassiest formal looks for urban gentlemen. Short curly hair can be very trendy and easy to manage. Most people with curls prefer short curly hair. Here are some of the best hairstyles for your short curls.

Curly Quiff

quiff, hairstyle for curly haircurly quiff, hairstyles for men curly haircuts

The curly quiff has been in style for decades if not centuries. This has been the ultimate hairstyle for both boys and men. This contemporary hairstyle is very posh and is likely to stay in fashion for a few more decades. The curly quiff has gained a lot of popularity these days. The curly quiff can be a bit more difficult to manage from the classic short quiff. Quiffs are styled by brushing the hair upwards and away from the face. But if you have curly hair it is best to enhance your curls by rearranging it into sections and let it fall naturally. Gently brush your curls and then twist your hair upwards with your fingertips.

Curly Fringe

short Fringe hairstyle for menShort Fringe Haircut for men

The curly fringe is another option to choose from if you are looking for something more casual and easy. The end locks and tousled head of hair make this hairstyle stand out from the rest. Let your curls flow downward giving your hair a sense of layered looks. It is not an easy look to achieve and if not done properly it can look pretty messy. To make sure your hair stays intact and in place, you can use clay or pomade. Also, it will give your hair some extra volume.

Tight Curls

justin timberlake curls, tight curly hair for mentight curls, men curly haircuts

Most men with curly hair probably already have short tight curls. It is a very easy look to maintain. This haircut is a formal short hairstyle for men. Tight curls work perfectly when you have a head full of thick hair. Most men with natural curls prefer to wear tight curls. You can easily style up your tight curls by using a little hair gel or pomade. If you want a matte finish, use hair clay or wax.

Short Afro

afro haircut for men short afro hairstylesshort afro haircuts for men

If you are a minimalist, you might like the short afro. Curly hair can pose a few challenges and sometimes be very hard to maintain. A short afro is very helpful to keep your curls locked and under control. This formal look can be very bold and charming as well. If you don’t want a high maintenance haircut, the short afro is the perfect hairstyle for you.

Short Choppy Curls

short choppy curls curly hairstyles for menshort choppy curls for men curly haircuts hairstyles

If you want to manage your curls easily without any hassle, this one’s for you. This classic hairstyle went out of fashion and back in fashion for a long time. The fashion industry has been avoiding this haircut for a long time. Your fashion enthusiast friend might not like this but what the hell! This hairstyle is very easy to style. This haircut features curls that are cut very short on the top. It is mostly a short spike with curly hair.

Slicked Back

slick back hairstyle curly haircuts for menslick back hsircut short curly hairstyle for men

The slicked back is classic and a favorite hairstyle for many. This haircut has been in fashion since the late ’60s. This is a statement hairstyle for men who wants a bolder-looking style. This is a great choice for men with curly hair. This posh haircut is very eye-catching and looks bewitchingly good. To further style your hair you can try using a soft hair gel or pomade. This will give your hair a strong hold and compliment your natural texture. If you are thinking about keeping your hair matte, you should try using wax to ensure the slicked-back hairstyle. If done properly this haircut gives a sophisticated look that can give an impressionable face.

Classic Short Curls

short curly hair men hairstyle curly haircutscurly short haircuts for men

If you want a formal look and professional approach to your hair, you can try out the classic short curls. This hairstyle is very basic but surely gives off a good impression. Getting this haircut is very easy. If you want to avoid the wild curls, this hairstyle is just perfect for you. Try this clean and tidy hairstyle to avoid the unruly and messy curls. This style is done by cutting the hair short and then using a hair thinner to cut a bit more.

Curly Drop Fade

short Curly Top with High Fade and Shape Up haircuts for mencurly drop fade hairstyle for men short haircuts

If you are looking for a lasting impression make sure you don’t keep your hair messy. This hairstyle features tousled hair with a chiseled fade, to make you look much more presentable with your curls. This is a semi-formal look for the urban gentlemen who want to go clubbing after office hours.

Thin Short Curls

short curly thin haircuts for men curly hairstyleshort thin haircuts for men curly hairstyle

If you have thin curly hair, it is better to just sweep the sides and let your top hair retain its natural look. It gives you more volume to your hair and makes your head look fuller. It is a great look for people with thin hair. The hairstyle gives off a nice contrast due to the layering of hair on top and the sides.

Curly Skin Fade

Skin Fade Curly short Haircuts for menshort curly skin fade hairstyle haircuts for men

If you want something chic and bolder, you can always go for the curly skin fade. Just shave the sides and back of your head keeping the top of your hair untouched. This dramatic look gives your curls more attention and makes it look more presentable. This haircut is complicated and probably not suitable for everyone. If you have a strong jawline, this can be a great look for you.

Medium Hairstyle For Men With Curls

Medium length hairstyles are getting more popular every day. People who used to love short hair are not seemingly interested in medium hair. People often say there are not a lot of options for medium curly hairstyles, but this is actually not true. There are various different hairstyles to choose from if you have medium length hair. If you have natural wavy curls you will love these hairstyles. Not only it will add more volume but will also give you a sassy look.

Medium Curly Fringe

curly fringe haircuts for men with short hairstylecurly fringe hair for men with short haircuts

If you have thicker curly hair, medium curly fringe could be your go-to hairstyle. Sometimes it gets difficult to manage curls but with curly fringe, you can style your hair very easily and flaunt your cool semi-casual outlook. To get the best out of this haircut, try using a pomade to get the natural shine and let your hair flow downward.

Beach Curls

wavy beach curls hairstyle medium length haircuts for menbeach curls hairstyle medium length haircuts for men

The beach curls is a much more relaxed casual haircut for your chilled laid back attitude. This tousled haircut features textured wavy curls that you can just let flow freely. Beach curls are a great style statement to make a lasting impression without the hard work of managing your curls. This hairstyle is a messy, informal style that’s still very much in fashion. You don’t even need hair products to keep your hair in place. If you want you can just use a good sea salt hairspray to volume up your hair.


undercut hairstyle for medium length curly haircutscurly undercut hairstyles for menmedium length haircuts

The undercut has become a favorite hairstyle for fashionistas. This hairstyle has been in fashion for a long time. This haircut went from classic to retro and is now back to classic again. Because of the simplicity of this haircut, this makes a great style statement, especially for people with curly hair. If you don’t want your hair to be a curly mess, you probably will love this haircut. The undercut features shorter sides with keeping the hair on the top long. This gives a nice layered look and adds a bit more dimension to your hairstyle. Because of the shorter sides, you will not have to worry about managing your unruly curls. The undercut is an easy way to manage your locks. Furthermore, you can try out the different lengths with your undercut to see what works best for you.


medium length afro haircuts for menafro hairstyle for men medium length afro haircuts

Afro is for people with thick curls who struggle every day to manage their long locks. Embrace your natural curls with an afro. This is a laid-back hairstyle for all those people who don’t want anything high-maintenance. Getting an Afro can be difficult. If not done properly your hair will look messy. You need an experienced barber to do your afro. Make sure you cut the hair to the right length and do not turn it into a large mop.

Messy Curls

medium length messy curls curly hairsyle for men haircutsmessy curls hairstyle for men medium length haircuts

This is a very simple haircut for men with curls. This features cutting the hair in the right length keeping the messy curls. This hairstyle best suits people who have a head full of thick hair. To better style your hair you can experiment with highlights. You can use sea salt spray as it will add more volume to your hair.

Medium Curly Quiff

medium length curly quiff hairstyle for menmedium length quiff hairstyle for men

Quiff is one of the favorite hairstyles for men and has gained a lot of popularity in the last decade. The medium curly quiff can be the utmost formal haircut for men with curly hair. This hairstyle is very posh and easy to manage. The best part about the quiff is that the natural curls give your hair extra volume to make your head look fuller.


Curly Pompadour haircutscurly pompadour haircuts for men medium length hairstyles

Pompadour is one of the most impactful haircuts for men. This hairstyle has been around for ages and is vivid. This posh hairstyle features longer hair on the top and shorter hair on the bottom gives it much more volume and contrast. This hairstyle is a style statement for the urban gentlemen and when you mix it up with the natural curls, it becomes much sassier.

Many celebrities including Elvis rocked the pompadour look over the years.

To make you look more presentable, try using a pomade to style things up. Pompadour is a neat and sleek haircut. Make sure you keep it that way by managing your natural waves. Pompadour became one of the popular hairstyles for men with beards.

Bowl Cut

bowl cut men hairstylemedium length bowl cut men

The bowl cut is a classic ’90s look that made a solid comeback recently. This hairstyle can be a great party casual look for men with curly hair. Bowl cuts have a bad impression for making people look geeky. Bowl cut is not a great look for people with straight hair, but if you have natural curls bowl cut can give you an edgy look. Back in the ’90s, the bowl cut used to be smooth and sleek. But now the trends have changed and so is the bowl cut. People now like the bowl cut a bit messy and with texture. Not only it creates a great look but makes your hair easy to style.

Hard Part

curly hard part haircuts menhard part haircuts men

Hard Part is another awesome hairstyle for men with curly hair. If you want to look dapper with your natural curls consider going for a hard part. This haircut is created by shaving a line to create a separate distinction between different sections of hair. The hard part is a trendy look for men who want to balance the aesthetic texture of the curls with a sharp edgy look. This hairstyle is a party casual look for men with curly hair. Try out this haircut if you want a bold looking hairstyle.

Long Curly Hairstyle For Men

Not everyone has the luxury of having long hair. It is a sign of good genes if you have a head full of hair. Most men like to keep their hair short, especially if they have curly hair. It is because long hair is very high maintenance and takes a lot of effort. Most of the time you will have to struggle with your unruly curls and eventually, you will decide to get rid of long hair. What if we tell you about some awesome trendy long hairstyles for men that are very easy to manage. Longer hair on men can often look very sexy and bold. All you need is a perfect haircut to flaunt your style. To help you with it here are some utterly stylish long hairstyles and haircuts for men.

Glossy Long Curls

curly long hairstyle haircut for menglossy curly long hair men haircuts hairstyles

When you have a head full of long locks, you need to make sure they don’t look fuzzy. Long wavy curls with a natural gloss can look stunning. It is important to take good care of your hair when you have long curls. Try using Oregano oil to keep our hair shiny and in place. Instead of tieing your hair, let your hair flow down so you can flaunt your sassy look.


lob long bob hairstyle for menlong haircutslob hairstyles long curly haircuts for men

If you think that ‘Lob’ is a haircut for women you are dead wrong. This hairstyle has been in fashion since the ’60s. If you like music from the early ’70 you probably have seen some of your favourite musicians rocking this haircut. Till now this messy hairstyle is in fashion and people with long curly hair love it. This hairstyle is quite easy to maintain because of the long messy haircut. You can style it up with some hair products to make your hair look amazing. Try using seas salt spray for more volume or a hair spray to properly set your curls.

Man Bun

curly man bun long curly hairstyles for menlong man bun haircuts for men

The man bun is another awesome look for men with long curly hair. This rodeo hairstyle has gone from played-out to charmingly retro for quite some time. But now it became very popular among men with long hair. The good thing about a man bun is that you get to experiment with this hairstyle. Once you let your curly hair grow up to your chin you can get a solid man bun. Curls can be frustrating to manage but once you let your strands grow you can see the natural wavy hair doing its magic.

Long Messy Curls

long messy curls curly hairstyles for menLong Messy curly Hair Men

The messy curls are very easy to do but once your hair grows longer it will take a lot more work to maintain that curly hair. Even though you will end up with messy curly hair, it takes a lot to get that mess right. You need to make sure your hair strands are not sticking together and you have natural curls at the end. To get the best out of it, try cutting your hair maintaining an angle so your hair looks fuller and thicker. Also, trim your split ends with a hair thinner regularly to avoid your curls from fuzziness.

Bob Cut

bob cut curly hairstyle for men long hairstylelong bob cut hairstyle for men curly haircuts

The bob cut is an all-time classic. This hairstyle features longer curly hair that has grown out but is not long enough to hit below the chin or shoulders. Just separate your hair from the middle and let it run down to your shoulder. This hairstyle gives your face more contrast by keeping the hair out of your face.


dreadlock haircuts for mendreadlock haircuts men long hairstyle

The dreadlock is another awesome hairstyle for men with longer hair. It is a great way to maintain those wild curls by keeping your tight and thick curls from falling on your face. There are a lot of styling options with dreadlocks which makes is one of the most favourite hairstyles for men with long locks.


Messy Disheveled Look curly long hairstylesdisheveled haircuts long curly hairstyles for men

Not everyone can pull off a messy hairstyle. If you are someone who is okay with a little bit of mess and likes unrefined appearance, this hairstyle is just for you. This laid back hairstyle projects a carefree look that can be worn in any casual occasion. This hairstyle might seem very undone but there is a lot of styling that needs to be done to get the perfect disheveled look. To make your hair look more appealing try something different. Maybe sweep back your hair or add a simple side part to it. This hairstyle will suit every man who loves long locks.

Shoulder Length Curls

shoulder length haircuts for men with wavy hairshoulder length curly haircuts for men

If you have natural wavy curls, a shoulder-length haircut might be a good option to choose from if you don’t want any hassle. This semi-formal hairstyle is a great look to have. With this haircut, you can flaunt your natural textured hair without even making it a mess. This hairstyle gives you a presentable look for any formal or casual events. Furthermore, this haircut provides a lot of styling options to choose from. So, whether you want to rock a man bun, ponytail, half-up, or leave your locks loose and swept-back, you can do so with this haircut.

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