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10 Trendy Haircuts & Hairstyles For Teen Boys

Haircuts are one of the most quintessential parts of everyday grooming. It is important to keep up with the trend to stand out among the crowd. Just like men, it is also important for boys to maintain good looks and hygiene. After all, fashion is not just entitled to women and girls.

Haircuts And Hairstyles In 2020

Nowadays, we have seen men and boys becoming more fashion conscious. They are becoming more aware of their looks. We have also seen a huge resurgence in vintage hairstyles, which means haircuts have become extremely important for boys and men.

Boys are no longer wearing the old shaggy mop and nor they are okay with a simple spike. It is very normal these days for boys to act like men. Boys want to make statements with their bold looks. Things have changed a lot this decade. They always want something new something different. There are so many new hairstyles for boys these days. Especially popular hairstyles for boys have taken this decade by storm.

With so many cool boys haircuts and hairstyles these days, it’s hard to choose the best look. To help you narrow down to the best hairstyles in 2020 we have compiled a list of haircuts that are trending right now. Here you will find all the variations you need for different hair types. In this list, you’ll find everything from short haircuts to long hairstyles for boys. Whether you are looking for a chic and simple hairstyle or something much more stylish, we have all the latest haircuts for boys and teens.

1. Quiff Haircut

Quiff, haircut for boys

The quiff is one of the most popular haircuts for boys. It is a great choice if you want something classy and suave for your kid. Quiff can both formal and casual look depending on your preferred choice. There are various options for quiff haircut.

If you are looking for a bold look you can try out the longer quiff. But if you want something more mellow and formal you can try the short quiff haircut. Furthermore, if you have natural curls and want to spice things up you can always go for the messy quiff.

2. Undercut

undercut, haircut for boys

The undercut hairstyle has been a favourite choice for teens and toddlers right now. This hairstyle is heavily influenced by the urban hipster and the picked up by the pop musicians. This is a very sassy and dapper haircut for teens and kids.

The undercut is done by trimming the sides and back hair shorter than the crown hair. The length of the hair on the back and sides are the same and the hair is not tapered or blended with the skin. There are a lot of ways to style this haircut. You can slick back or comb over your hair to get the classic elegant undercut look.

3. Mohawk

mohawk, hairstyle for boys

Although the mohawk is no longer the most preferred haircut for boys still there is some craze to it. Mohawk is considered a bold hairstyle choice for both boys and men. This casual haircut is outlandish yet cute. With volume on the top with spike hair, this haircut features shaved sides or a high skin fade. To further enhance your look you might try a little highlight with your haircut.

4. Crew Cut

Crew Cut, Hairstyle For Boys

The crew cut is a classic timeless hairstyle for both men and boys. It is one of the most popular haircuts and go-to choices for boys. This is a short haircut for boys which is still very much in fashion. The best thing about a crew cut is that you can style it up as you want. The crew cut is influenced by athletes all around the world. You can see most football players wearing the crew cut in style. Because of the lightness, this haircut became very suitable for athletic boys.

Furthermore, it gives your face strong contour. Especially if you have a stronger jawline, this will make your face appear more defined. Because of the popularity of this haircut, it is very easy to get a crew cut.

5. Pompadour


The pompadour is a classic ’90s look that made a solid come back this decade. This popular haircut for men is a modern take on a classic style. This is a very common hairstyle among men but is getting quite popular with teen boys these days. Most teens love the ’90s retro look and the pompadour is a really easy look to pull off. This hairstyle starts with tapered sides that accentuate the styling on top with more volume of hair. Use a pomade or hairspray to lift up the hair and create a pomp look.

6. Curly Undercut

curly fringe haircut

Curly hair is a bit difficult to manage but when it comes to styling curls can be a blessing. Although there are not many curly hairstyles so if you have curly hair you might find it hard to wear a hairstyle that suits you. But most of the haircuts that compliment curls are just too god for styling. The curly undercut is a great hairstyle that allows the curls to retain their natural shapes giving your hair the maximum volume and a unique look to stand out among the crowd.

Before you visit your hairstylist make sure to wash and dry your hair properly. Don’t turn your curls into a curly mess by covering your face. The curls are cut to suit and frame the face shape to give your face more contour and exposure. Tell your hairstylist to give you a clean short undercut while keeping the volume on top. To get the best out of this hairstyle make sure to use hair cream or wax to keep your hair tidy and in place. A good hair cream will help you hold your hair for at least a day.

7. Comb Over

Comb over Haircut For Boys

The comb over is a versatile contemporary hairstyle that is suitable for teens and boys. It is considered among the best hairstyle for boys. There are a lot of styles to choose from the comb over haircut. You can try out the undercut or faded sides and back. There are various options to choose from the comb over. You might go with a low, mid, or high fade and then determine how short to go. Most stylists don’t suggest the skin fade although it is very popular among boys. The skin fade can be great as a summer cut. You can also tailor the cut by adding a hard part or etching a hair design into the sides.

8. Long Combed Back

Boys Haircut Long Slicked Back

If you are looking for something casual and fun without any hassle, you can try out the long combed back hairstyle. This haircut is best for boys with fine, shiny, thick, and straight hair. This hairstyle features a natural unfinished look that can be worn with any casual outfit. Like the tousle, this is a casual haircut that will work well in many situations.

9. Spiky Hairstyle

Spiky Hairstyle

The spiky hairstyle has been the most popular haircut for boys for decades. This is a much better version of the porcupine spike that became a huge fad n the ’90s. This is a cool casual look that is effortless and easy to manage. It is perfect for boys with layered thick, straight hair. This hairstyle features a wind-blown soft spike that looks natural and suave.

To get the best out of this haircut, use pomade or a glossy hair gel to get a strong hold and lift. Spread the gel evenly to create a messy hairstyle and textured look.

To get more volume and a matte finish you can try using wax or clay.

10. Faux Hawk

Faux hawk Haircut

This is a great hairstyle for teen boys who loves a semi-casual look. The faux hawk is a much more mellow version of the mohawk and is extremely eye-catching. This hairstyle has bee around for decades and is still very much in style.

The faux hawk is short around the sides and back, and it gradually gets longer as it pulls towards the middle of the head. The faux hawk is a cool casual look that is very trendy and classy.



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