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Ear Tuck Haircuts | Suave Hairstyles For Urban Gentlemen in 2023

Ear tuck hairstyles are the most trendy haircut for men with long hair in 2023. If you want to flaunt your long luscious hair, this is the hairstyle to go out with.

Not everyone has the luxury to have a head full of hair. But if you do have long strands, make sure to flaunt your hair in style. Tucking hair behind the ear is just a simple way to get your long hair out of your face. But now it makes a great style statement for both men and women men. We have seen a lot of celebrities with long haircuts doing the ear tuck this decade. If you have long hair, you probably have done it for quite some time.

The ear tuck haircuts are better known for their simplicity and suave look. This very simple hairstyle can give off a more relaxed vibe. Ear tuck can is not only for men with long hair. You can do it even if you have medium length haircuts. Over the past couple of years, we have seen a lot of variation in medium and long haircuts with ear tucks. Here are some of our favorite celeb hairstyles with tucked hair.

1. Brad Pitt’s Long Hair Ear Tuck

Brad Pitt is a fashion icon. Everything he does turns out to be a style statement. We have seen Brad Pitt with a lot of different hairstyles from the beginning of his career. The long straight shoulder-length haircut has been in fashion for decades. Brad Pitt made shoulder-length hair mainstream. His hairstyle features simply tucking the sides of his hair behind the ear. We have often seen him do this with side part and shoulder-length hairstyle. This simple ear tuck gives his face much more contrast and exposure, keeping the long hair strand away from his face.

Brad Pitt Long HaircutBrad Pitt Long Hair HairstyleBrad Pitt's Ear Tuck HairstyleBrad Pitt Long Hairstyle

2. Jared Leto’s Slick Back Ear Tuck

Jared Leto has always been an avid fan of long hair. We have seen him with his iconic long hair in movies and real life. You need a good head of hair to achieve this look. Usually, he let his hair flow down without doing anything to it. But we have seen him with a slick back, tucking his hair behind the ear as well. We are all fascinated with his effortless dynamic locks.

Jared Leto Long Haircut Hairstyle

3. Chriss Hemsworth’s Casual Ear Tuck

Not every man is worthy of Godly golden locks. If you are looking for inspiration for your hair, who better than Chris Hemsworth. We all loved Chris Hemsworth in Thor with his Godly long hair and charm. Chris loves long hair. His signature hairstyle has been trending for quite a while. For someone who played the role of Norse god, it became a pre-requisite for Chris Hemsworth to wear long locks. There are no bad hair days for someone like Chris Hemsworth. His every look is picture-perfect.

Chris Hemsworth Hairstyle Long HaircutChris Hemsworth Long Hair

4. Harry Styles With Long Hair Ear Tuck

Harry Styles has truly evolved both in music and fashion. This young Northern-born rockstar has perfected every hairstyle and looks. We have seen him try the short hairstyle as well as the funky shaggy mop. From the bouffant quiff to the shoulder-length hair we have seen it all.

Harry Styles Haircut

5. Jake Gyllenhaal Long Hair Ear Tuck

Jake Gyllenhaal with his long hair looks so charming. Although we haven’t seen much of his long hairstyle, he surely knows how to wear his locks, whether that be long or short.

Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyleJake Gyllenhaal haircut hairstyle for men 1

Jake Gyllenhaal haircut hairstyle for menjake gyllenhaal hair

6. Joe Manganiello Long Hair Ear Tuck

Joe Manganiello is another celebrity who can rock long locks with style. His hair transformation over the years has been eye-catching. Ear tuck works especially well with naturally unruly hair. His thick long hair made it easier to flaunt this hairstyle.

joe manganiello long hair

How To Get a Perfect Ear Tuck

The ear tuck can be done with long haircuts. It is a no brainer hairstyle which is very simple yet stylish. Ear tuck is a good way to keep your hair tidy without any fussiness and keep it out of your face. It is a great look for slightly wavy hair as the ear tuck creates a layered look and gives your hair a nice gentle texture. This look works well with both thin and thick hair.

You can try the slicked back or the quiff if you have long hair. Whit the quiff your hair is brushed to the side of your hair and flows into the ear tuck. Another great long haircut can be the rough textured haircut. This charismatic look is great for guys with rough and textured hair.

If you want something more formal, you can always try the Medium Length High Volume Ear Tuck. This is a contemporary hairstyle that is trending right now. This simple swept-back style with a tuck is a great formal look to have.

People often think it takes too much effort to maintain long hair. But there are some long hairstyles for men that will make you look good without much effort.

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